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Our special report: How To Sell Recipes - 32 Profesional Secrects will show you NOW! how to earn extra money right at home full-time or in your spare time.

1. How to Start.
2. Where to Get All FREE Recipes You Want.
3. How To Pick the Best Sellers.
4. How to Have Recipes Printed.
5. How Much to Charge.
6. How to Get FREE Postage and Envelopes.
7. Where To Advertise.
8. How To Write Winning Ads.
9. How to Get FREE Advertising.
10.How to Keep Records.
11. How to Get "Repeat" Orders.
12. How to Start A "Recipe Mailing List" Business.

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Included with our Special Report
Are also 18 more Recipes Related Reports on Disk!




1. How To Make Money Selling Recipes: Only one way really works, and it has nothing to do with MLM, Recipe Clubs, or Chain Letters.
2. How To Get Free Meals in Restaurants: Report compiled from over 27 years dinning-out experience.
3. Delightful Herbal Vinegars.
4. 10 Old Time Pickle Recipes.
5. How To Keep Fruit Fresh, How To Preserve Fresh Eggs, Hoe To Keep Fresh Herbs For Up to Two Months.
6. Butter Stretcher.
7. Treat Your Friends with A Medieval Feast: Seven great recipes.
8. How to Make Your Own Baby Food.
9. 42 Favorite Italian Recipes: Pasta, main dishes, bread, sauces, etc. Deliciously different.
10. 32 Ozark Recipes.
11. Hawaiian Luau Recipes: Eight delicious & exotic dishes.
12. How to Produce Salted Peanuts in the Shell: No special equipment required.
13. Mood Food for Your Love Life.
14. Magic Pie Recipe: Makes it own crust. It's MAGIC! Place all Ingredients in blender and mix together. Pour into pie pan and bake. When done, the crust will be on bottom, custard in the middle and coconut on top -right where they belong.
15. Tempting, tasty and easy to make: Brandied pumpkin cheesecake, Sicilian ricotta cheesecake, and chocolate cherry cheesecake. All different and delicious.
16. How You Can make Your Own Pet Food: Includes 11 recipes (Doggy Morsels, Kitty Treats, Budgie Brownies, etc.)
17. 33 Sensational Mexican Meals: Time tested recipes.
18. Prize Winning Recipes Tempting, tasty and easy to make: Brandied pumpkin cheesecake, Sicilian ricotta cheesecake, and chocolate cherry cheesecake. All different and delicious.

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